Tips to renovate the living room

13 octubre, 2012
By Baixmoduls

Renew the living room – tips

Over time our living room needs to be renovated and renew you do not need a big budget, with a few simple tweaks can stay busy decorating the house.

We offer some ideas for transforming the updated and modern living room for little money.

Ideas transforming a living room

When you have a large room, with time, we’ll recharging and filling of things that are often not helpful losing order and its luminosity. For this to change and turn to feel like we have to enhance the light using light colors for the walls and the furniture, getting rid of all the old stuff for storage and choosing a single line modular composition.

Painting the living room

First let the empty room and started to paint the walls in a light shade to return enlightenment. When amueblemos stay and get a different look, we recovered a piece as it could be the coffee table with a color according to your room’s decor and could be a target.

How to paint the living room is an election where we have to take into account several aspects such as the design of the room as it can be an individual room or part of the kitchen. In the latter, we must achieve continuity.

The goal is to find a color stylized, simple and proportionate to the room we feel comfortable and relaxed. An ornate environment is not suitable for contemporary decor.

Generally, the rooms are painted in one tone but playing with details and accessories that will add a personal touch as might be the upholstered chairs or a simple centerpiece.

The colors that favor the lighting, which are lively and fit for small spaces are light shades like peach, yellow, orange, green and white as the brightest.

If the idea of painting the living room of one color is monotone we can highlight one wall with another combined to tone predominates, for example with the orange goes well a stronger orange, beige, gray, or white vanilla .

There are other elements that stand on a wall such as a beam or lintel, a column, a molding, a wallpaper or a foam.

We can create visual effects using a dark color on the ceiling (combined with supplements of stay) and the rest of the walls white or light colors with this combination the wider living will and if the ceiling is high, the color bring it visually intense.

Depending on the style that we like for the living room, painting the walls is crucial. For classic style course with antique furniture, the tones have to be brown.

For modern colors to be more vivid, well, the lounge is a place where visitors are received and it is important to use warm and vibrant colors to create a lively and modern. A wide range of warm colors like light green combined with white is very elegant, orange, yellow, peach, all have the distinction of favoring the room lighting.

The pure white can be used in dark areas with little natural lighting to enhance the low light entering from the outside and also very modern decorations where it is intended to create a sophisticated space. If not the case because the living room has good lighting, we recommend using a lowered white to blend with other colors and so will not create too much contrast or result strident prominence and remove furniture.

Normally usually add a few drops of black or brown and white shade into gray or very mild natural, undetectable with other colors.

The sofa in the living room

Mount the main cabinet and over the couch, or put a new one which we have transformed, covering it with a clear material and supplement with cushions that have some different detail either the tone or tissue type. Another way could be buying a bold fabric and bright bold colors for a touch of joy and color to the room. If we do not like the idea completely cover the sofa with fabrics, we have the option of hanging a blanket over the back striking.

Decorate the living room wall

To decorate the dining room wall place a modern box, designed and created for ourselves as well be its own identity. They can also be several small tables and a larger one to highlight the rest. How to? It’s not complicated. We started by making a sketch as a reference and the idea is to play with straight lines creating square and rectangular shapes without losing the horizontal.

From sketch to canvas had marking reference points for later, with a flexible tape to avoid damaging it, will guide highlight the limits of the rectangles.

The colors chosen should match each other and especially with the tone of the living room. We’ll start painting the larger square with light colors (we always have time to darken if necessary) and distribute them strong is important for the whole picture to see the intensity was not disproportionate.

The extreme colors in small doses so as not to look overdone. We can remove the tape carefully and frame it. We have our own custom artwork.

The lighting in the dining room

The lighting of the environment according to every corner of the living room is achieved by placing at strategic points. LED lighting in the back of a TV panel or an original lamp on a small table next to a chair for reading.

Plants in the living room

Resorting to plants decorating idea is a very effective and inexpensive for any room in the house but especially for the living room. Fundamental to any interior decorating project.

They are very colorful flower arrangements artificial or dried flowers in vases, the dining room is full of color and joy. The large plants and large greens are the perfect solution for those empty corners where we do not know how to give life.

The curtains of the living room

The curtains are an accessory that can change the face to any room of the house. Classic lace will give elegance with modern style and patterns will give a more loose and practical and also diffuse light must therefore attenuate the heat and gives the living room a more cozy.

The style

The curtains should complement the space of the room, the color of the walls and furniture. If the dining room is small and so are your windows, we will opt for a discreet curtain one tab and a design that gives continuity to the style of the room.

Classics: Bring elegance and nobility. Are cloth, cotton, or flax tulle and collected by the upper part and with folds fall to the bottom of the window or to the ground. They have a curtain that is the finest fabric that lets in sunlight and the fall collection is carried sideways and tied with ribbons or a simple strip of cloth.

Venetian: Is a type of modern curtain. Sheets are arranged horizontally and attached at the sides with strings. Moving the cords can graduate the entry of light. They come in wood, metal, PVC, decorated or plain.

Roller: A cloth wound on a top bar, which is wound or unwound manually or by remote control, the screen roller to control the entry of light, usually difuminándola, the roller blackout, completely eliminates the entry of light, although this latter is indicated, for example, for conference room, cinema projection, etc..

Blinds: This type of curtain is ideal for small spaces such as the roller. A fabric extends along the entire window covering and is collected in folds by pulling the ropes. Some are printed, which can give prominence to a room without many frills or accessories, but for my taste, it would be better, of a uniform color.

Japanese Panel: Is a type of blind that is widely fashionable and consists of one or more panels that move horizontally and overlap to pull the strings. Its extension is from the window the floor, fully integrated with the walls and the rest of the room. These panels are super with a great design and drawing as well light blur.


The curtains have a multitude of colors and you want to choose should combine with the walls. A neutral color like white and its derivatives is almost everything, but obviously not put pink curtains if your walls are green, unless you want to experience the limit.

However, look at these colorfull, they go great in a room in which these colors are interspersed, without saturating.

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