Special monograph La Vanguardia Catalunya 5 stars – Baixmoduls regarding living and dining area

25 junio, 2012
By Baixmoduls

Special monograph La Vanguardia Catalunya 5 stars


La Vanguardia published an article in the special monograph “Catalunya 5 stars” in her national edition on June 23, 2012, in this article, we can find an analysis of the best companies in Catalonia in different areas. He has published an interview with our Sales Director Mr. Fernando Díez, where we explained the evolution and strategic lines of the company to consolidate its growth, and we also highlighted the values and goals of the  Baixmoduls team. The interview was conducted during the month of June at our factory in Castellbisbal. Is not the first time that the media publish information about Baixmoduls, result of the efforts of the company to gain recognition in the marketplace and within the furniture sector. We invite you to read the full interview in the printed edition of La Vanguardia June 23, 2012 or in the online edition.

News catalunya 5 stars Baixmoduls

News catalunya 5 stars Baixmoduls

Special Monograph PDF La Vanguardia - Catalunya 5 stars - Baixmoduls regarding living and dining area

Special Monograph PDF La Vanguardia – Catalunya 5 stars – Baixmoduls regarding living and dining area

Here you have a summary of the contents of it.

Baixmoduls regarding living and dining area

Baixmoduls is a national reference company in the segment of modern living room furniture, both for its design as for their finishes. The materials used are of art and in his new collection desmuestra ONA. Its 3D drawing program called Project @ of Intenem allows professionals to make virtually any interior designs for the final consumer.

When was Baixmoduls?

Baixmoduls was formed in July 1999 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founding partners, all with experience of over 20 years in the furniture industry and a great professional recognition. Each partner is responsible for a particular department of its structure.

What are your main activities?

Within the furniture industry are highly specialized in the manufacture of modern dining rooms, where Baixmoduls is a firm of national reference. Our five collections cover a range that goes from furniture to more traditional art, with different price ranges depending on the trim levels. Baixmoduls All programs are modular and can be adapted to any size and resolution.

We are studying the possibility of extending our offer to other product families as double bedrooms, closets, rooms, the youth.

How is the team of professionals who form the company?

We have a highly qualified staff with experience of over 10 years.

The fact that our facilities are equipped with modern machinery and now allows us to optimize and speed up the production process.

What are the main differentiating factors?

Our values are the team differentiators, an agile and competitive production system, a constant evolution, adapting a design trendsetter markets a wide range of functional and overall commercial product.

Where can I buy collections Baixmoduls?

Baixmoduls products are distributed through traditional furniture stores nationwide. We have a web home and showroom where you can see our product and its features.


What are the short and medium term?

Since 2009 the company made the decision to open up to international markets and their results have started to arrive, we are currently exporting to European countries and commercial activities are being conducted on other continents. A significant finding is the fact that we have been recognized by ACC10, agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and successful company in the field of internationalization, being invited to the seminar “Market Introduction to Internationalization” to expose keys used to obtain this goal, as part of amb els Trobada Centres of Promotion of Negocis dÁCC10 2012.

Baixmoduls has a wide range of furniture, sideboards, buffets, panels for TVs, dining tables and auxiliary in addition to living room.




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