Ona – New catalog-breaking modern rooms

19 junio, 2012
By Baixmoduls

ONA is a new catalog of modern rooms that are breaking new ground.

Introduced the revolutionary textures of the materials used, new designs of modeling, functional furniture and high quality product they use in their ONA make the collection of modern dining room a guaranteed success.

Salones Modernos ONA

Besides being a modular program is obtained for an infinite number of combinations to create any kind of living room, with the advantage of being able to adapt to the space of each dwelling. To all this we add easy assembly.

Pieces of different measures are adjusted to make the most of the room, all integrated into a balanced set of spaces. Differentiated into two zones: the living room and dining room.
One feature of this program is the use of PUSH buttons on the doors and drawers, so that we avoid the shooter and improve its use and aesthetics.

1- AMBIENTES Ambientes

The Modern Living ONA collection consist of 25 proposals of environments.

All these ideas are adaptable to any size of dining room also can perform an infinite forms of distribution.

Salones Modernos ONA Ambientes

2- MUEBLES TV Muebles TV

Television is considered the main living area, so we’ve created a variety of furniture for TV or television, highlighting the wide range of combinations of colors and sizes.

TV Furniture TV has three choices of bases, metal legs, Sockets and some wheels with unique design.

Salones Modernos ONA Muebles TV

3- APARADORES Aparadores

The Sideboards – modern are an essential part of modern living and dining room.

In these modern sideboards modern addition to the wide variety of colors and modular distribution point out the sliding door system, a practical and attractive item.

Salones Modernos ONA Aparadores

4- VITRINAS Vitrinas

The doors of the cabinets are made of glass and are framed in glossy aluminum profiles, give a lot of elegance, we can combine with traditional glass or crystal exclusive.

One is the SIMIL MIRROR, is a semi-opaque glass which is reflected as a mirror avoiding see inside. LUX Glass is also semi-opaque and has the added virtue that it is compatible with remote controls.

Salones Modernos ONA Vitrinas

5- PANELES TV Paneles TV

Solutions for large format flat screens, TV panels with rotating panels, which will solve the problem of homes where the dining table and sofa not in the same angle of view than the screen.

The furniture panel TV brackets adapted to any television, television hanging on the wall or panel.

Salones Modernos ONA  Paneles TV

6- MESAS Mesas de Comedor

La colección propone dos modelos de mesas de comedor.

Un modelo de mesa fijo y otro modelo de mesa que incorpora un mecanismo con guías extensible para añadir un sobre-alerón adicional.

Salones Modernos ONA Mesas

7-ILUMINACION LEDS Iluminación Led

Indirect lighting with LED beautifies the furniture, enhancing its forms and colors, creating warm and welcoming environments.
We used spotlights and LED lights clip light, which offers security, durability, elegance and low power consumption.

Salones Modernos ONA - Iluminación LED

ONA COLORES Y DETALLES Colores y detalles

The collection consists of five colors ONA and three color details, all combined perfectly. Three natural tones and two neutral tones. Of note is the tremendous visual appeal of the material used which gives us immense desire to touch and feel its texture. The wide range of colors selected and the careful just make this product the ability to create many varied solutions and attractive visual quality.

Salones Modernos ONA - Muestrario Colores y Detalles

VALORES CALIDAD Valores de calidad

The ONA program consists of living room quality values, these are reflected and the elements used in the manufacture of the final product.

Salones Modernos ONA - Valores de Calidad

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