ELI new catalog modern living rooms Baixmoduls

07 noviembre, 2011
By Baixmoduls

 ELI new catalog modern living rooms Baixmoduls

Baixmoduls launching a new program of modern living rooms, the collection ELI. A product designed for the difficult times we live in, but without detracting in design, qualityand performance. ELI integrates modern lounges, tables to celebrate the best meetings, panel swivel TV, coffee tables, dressers and modules for living room in white, walnut and slate and their combinations with sand and silver, which combine functionality and design at prices to suit our times. This program features a wide range of options, both parts andfinishes that create a living along more modern lines. A new feature of this program is to create compact modules, which is obtained based on a redesign of the concept ofmodeling, all for a greater number of combinations. All Baixmoduls programs are modular, allowing for countless combinations to create any type of room, with theadvantage of being able to adapt the design to the personal space of each dwelling.

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